Helping you facilitate the best birth experiences possible

We're committed to improving childbirth education in Australia.

Blossom Birth Resources exists to support the work of midwifery – wherever it occurs.

We believe woman-centred birth education is vital for an empowered birth and early parenting experience.

So we’ve partnered with Plumtree Baby to connect midwives, obstetricians, childbirth educators, hospitals and doulas with exceptional, up-to-date teaching resources tailored for the Australian market.

Our comprehensive range of childbirth and breastfeeding education aids help you gift parents-to-be with the knowledge they need to make informed choices at every stage of their journey. Because when it comes to birth and early parenthood, knowledge is power.

Founded by a Birth Educator

Our Founder, passionate childbirth educator and midwife Kate Corbett, created Blossom Birth Resources because she cares deeply about supporting parents to birth powerfully.

Having helped thousands of parents-to-be prepare for birth, she’s seen how evidence-based information helps them make grounded, informed decisions during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

 “As a birth educator myself, I know how absolutely essential it is to have quality visual resources that normalise what happens during birth and in the early days of a baby’s life. Plumtree Baby resources are a beautiful balance of informative content and attractive illustrations that equips parents-to-be with the knowledge they need to have an empowering birth and parenting experience”

Kate is also the director at The Wonders Within where she provides Calmbirth courses, breastfeeding, parenting, and baby massage courses

A Plumtree Baby Partner

We proudly partner with Plumtree Baby to supply Australian birth professionals with exceptional printed and digital teaching aids.

Created by a Lamaze-trained birth educator, they are the best quality, woman-centred childbirth and breastfeeding resources available.  

Our range of products has been tailored to meet the needs of Australian childbirth educators as they support mothers and parents-to-be.


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