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Custom Branded PowerPoints

Enhance our trusted, evidence based labour, birth and breastfeeding content with your branding to create a unique education experience for your clients.

With everything you need for an engaging workshop at your fingertips, our custom branded  PowerPoint presentations are ideal for face-to-face or online classes in hospitals, birth centres, antenatal units or private practice.

Save time and energy as you use stunning visuals and the latest information, to teach the women you support about labour and birth, or breastfeeding.


When you choose to customise The Australian Preparing for Birth PowerPoint, you’ll get 182 slides covering all essential childbirth topics, including labour, comfort measures, postpartum, newborn care and basic breastfeeding. It corresponds with the Preparing for Birth parent book.


Give the women in your care a headstart with a customised breastfeeding your baby presentation that covers:

  • Breast anatomy
  • Skin-to-skin
  • What makes a good latch
  • Different breastfeeding holds
  • Engorged breasts
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk
  • Weaning
  • Breastfeeding challenges.


A custom-branded Newborn Care PowerPoint will give you 130 slides covering all essential newborn care topics, from birth through the first few months.

    Once we’ve customised the PowerPoint to suit your brand, it will be ready to download and use. This usually takes approximately two weeks.


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    You can use our PowerPoint slides for live in-person or online classes/webinars.

    PowerPoints can be modified to meet your needs. You can hide, rearrange or add additional slides (using our blank slide template) to create the perfect PowerPoint for your classes.  

    The PowerPoint is sold with either a single user license (1 user) or small business license (2-5 users from one organisation/business). Select your option in the drop down menu above.

    If your organisation has 6 or more users (employees/contractors/members), please contact us to obtain large business license.


    Downloadable PowerPoint file.

    Non-returnable and non-refundable. Your download link is valid for one year. Please save a back-up copy of the file(s) to a cloud-based program to prevent damage or loss due to device failure.

    These titles are copyrighted material owned by Plumtree Baby, LLC. © 2020 All rights reserved. No part of the publication may be altered or reproduced in any form without written permission of Plumtree Baby, LLC.  Copyright information is available from copyright.gov.

    *Microsoft PowerPoint is not required to view PowerPoints, as pptx files can be opened in a variety of programs, including Keynote and Google Slides

    © 2020 Plumtree Baby.


    A "user" is defined as an educator, instructor or birth professional
    who provides instruction to multiple clients. Choose the license
    that fits your use and organisation size:

    Single user license: a Plumtree Baby resource is purchased and used
    by one educator or birth professional (user).

    Small business license: a resource is purchased by a business for
    use by its members/employees/contractors while employed by the
    business. No more than 5 users.

    Large business license: an organisation providing Plumtree Baby
    resource to 6 or more users (employees/contractors/members).
    Resources may not be shared outside of your organisation or business
    and digital distribution to clients or patients is not permitted.
    See our Policies for more information.

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